Lawn Mowing Services in Davie, Weston and Cooper City.

Davie Lawn Mowing is the most frequent chore and it does more than keep your lawn trim and neat. When we cut your grass, we are clipping off the tips of the blade, changing the photosynthesizing process in the plant. We cut no more than 30% of the blade at any one time. Cutting 40% or more will prevent too much of the crucial carbohydrates from getting to the roots. So we cut as often as needed, but we avoid frequent gaps in lawn cuts as that negatively effects the growth and overall health of your Weston grass. So we follow the appropriate lawn maintenance and mowing lengths depending on grass type.

Mowing dry grass is recommended, because if you mow wet grass, it tends to clump and clog the mower adding time and headaches. Plus, it is actually detrimental to your grass. When grass is wet it does not tend to stand upright, so mowing sometimes doesn’t clip the grass blades cleanly. Sometimes, all it does is bend the grass. When the blades are damaged instead of cut off, it opens the door for disease. Although one time probably won’t make a difference, we try to avoid cutting wet grass.

We recommend leaving grass clipping in the grass. Allowing them to fall and stay there. The only time we really want to bag the clippings is if the grass was very tall and the clippings would smother the lawn. Otherwise, clippings are wonderful for your lawn. They supply natural nutrients as they decay which results in less fertilizing.

Trimming and cleanup is the other part of the regular Davie lawn mowing maintenance. We edge walks with an edger or weed eater. We cut about an inch or two out of the grass away from the concrete. We also do this along flower beds and trees. It helps keep grass from growing into these areas and give a neat finished appearance. Then we either use a lawn blower or a broom to clean up the mess and leave you yard nice and neat.

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